Global GPS smart tracking devices

With patent pending "Infinite Energy" technology

Say good-bye to re-charging!


GoLOC8 combines state of the art GPS location technology with patent pending energy harvesting to provide the world's first smart GPS tracker that never needs re-charging. By removing the need to regularly re-charge, we address a major frustration for those wishing to protect their valuables. The added advantage is it allows the trackers to be more easily hidden within the item requiring tracking.

Our first product, GoLOC8 Bike, is designed to be securely hidden within a bicycle handlebars - out of sight of potential thieves whilst being small and light enough to be un-noticed by the rider.

With the current global boom in cycling for leisure and transport and the ever increasing theft of bicycles, protect your ride with GoLOC8 Bike.

More products coming soon.


GoLOC8 Bike

The only smart GPS bike tracker that never needs re-charging.


  • Nonthaburi, Thailand

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